20 December 2008

Latin America: Brazil raising to invincibility

Students raising Brazil to invincibility
11 December 2008

Raja Jose Luis Alvarez, Raja of Invincible Latin America for the Global Country of World Peace, recently reported that this year 158 schools in 19 Latin American countries are offering Consciousness-Based Education and Transcendental Meditation to their students.

The number of students now practising Transcendental Meditation has reached 61,000, and 14,000 are practising Yogic Flying, thereby creating a powerful influence of coherence, harmony, and invincibility for their nations.

Speaking on the Maharishi Global Family Chat on 11 December, Raja Luis presented news from six countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico. Leaders of the programmes in some of these countries also spoke about the success of Consciousness-Based Education in the schools and the deep appreciation of the students, teachers, and parents for this programme.

In Brazil, many schools in many locations are offering Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based Education to their students, Raja Luis said.

A leader of the programmes in the nation said that some of these students who are already practising Transcendental Meditation are now learning the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, which includes Yogic Flying.

The children are enjoying the programme so much, he reported, that they run after the Administrators asking when the next instruction will take place.

He also reported that the society as a whole is reaping the benefit. One municipality of Brazil had the greatest drop in crime rate of all the municipalities of the entire state, after nearly 5,000 students in that municipality began practising Transcendental Meditation. The leader said that in one area 2,500 students from four different schools learned Transcendental Meditation and in a nearby area 2,200 students learned the technique.

During the first month that all these thousands of students began learning Transcendental Meditation there was a 55 per cent drop in violent crime, and the following month there was a 40 per cent drop.

The leader said that this is what they predicted would happen based on extensive scientific research—and further research is being conducted for this particular dramatic decrease in crime rate.

Raja Luis expressed his appreciation and congratulations to all the dedicated leaders, Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme Administrators who are creating an unshakable basis of invincibility in Brazil.


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