29 December 2008

Gaza Violence

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Press Release

Violence in the Gaza can be calmed immediately by establishing a large peace-creating group in Israel
“This is not a fanciful dream—this is scientific fact”

December 29, 2008 - Dr Alex Kutai, Director of the Meditation Society of Israel, said today the violence and conflict in the Gaza, which threatens to engulf the region, can be “calmed literally overnight” through the strategic establishment of a peace-creating group of 500 advanced Transcendental Meditation experts in the country.

Dr. Kutai said his solution is based on science, not mere hope, and invited philanthropists and well wishers of peace in the nation to partner with his nonprofit organization to establish the group on a permanent basis. “The cost would be less than $1 million—a fraction of what is spent each day on defense by the government,” he said.

Dr. Kutai said the peace-creating group will safeguard Israel’s borders and make the country invincible by creating “coherent national consciousness” and neutralizing the acute underlying stress and tension which fuel violence and terrorism. “Nothing else has worked in the past—and nothing else will work today. This is the best approach for peace,” he said.

The Transcendental Meditation program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a simple, nonreligious, medically proven technique, which dramatically reduces stress and stress-related disorders and develops the total brain and creative potential of the individual. “When individuals practice Transcendental Meditation, along with the advanced Yogic Flying technique, together in a group, the calming influence spills over into the surrounding environment, dramatically reducing societal stress, crime, violence, and warfare,” Dr. Kutai said.

Extensive research published in the world’s leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Yale University’s Journal of Conflict Resolution, has verified the peace-promoting effect of the meditation group (www.InvincibleDefense.org).

Dr Kutai said establishing a peace-creating group in Israel provides a practical, proven approach that can immediately resolve the crisis,” he said. “This is not a dream—this is a scientific fact.”

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Dr. Kutai, please call Dr. Alex Kutai, Tel. 972-50-278078

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