01 January 2009

Employees learn Transcendental Meditation

The Center for Leadership Performance recently offered the Transcendental Meditation Programme to employees at a major US company. Many have learned and are enjoying profound and wide-ranging benefits, including improved creativity, reduced stress, and enhanced work-life balance.

This programme was recently described by Dr Mario Orsatti, National Director of Communication in the administration of Raja Dr John Hagelin, Raja of Invincible America for the Global Country of World Peace.

The programme began in the autumn when the head of the company decided he wanted to give his employees the opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation, Dr Orsatti said.

Raja Hagelin, Dr Fred Travis, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management, and renowned filmmaker Dr David Lynch, gave a comprehensive and inspiring introductory presentation. The owner of the company, who has practised Transcendental Meditation for many years, also spoke.

Many of the company's 800 employees were inspired to learn Transcendental Meditation, Dr Orsatti said, and they are reporting their deep appreciation for its tremendous benefit to their lives.

The following experience, written by one of the employees, is not untypical, Dr Orsatti said.

'I look forward to starting the day with my TM practice. It gives a good direction to the day by putting me in the right frame of mind and giving me more focus, especially for those busy, busy days we seem to always have. . . . I feel so at ease, overwhelmingly calm, peaceful, quiet, and clear.'

Dr Orsatti said that even those who were initially skeptical are enjoying great benefit, and quoted the experience of one such person:

'Honestly, I went into TM ''suspending my disbelief'' because I simply could not resist the opportunity that the company provided to expand my education. I love learning new things and I thought ''What can I lose?''

'So I went to the introductory presentation. The demonstration of the young woman's brainwaves and how they changed during meditation was incredibly impressive. Then I worried—''how can I possibly get up at 5:30 instead of 6:00 everyday just to be able to meditate and then get to work on time?''

'As you know this doubt has all changed. I get up happily every morning at 5:30 because I feel I can no longer start my day successfully without meditation. And amazingly enough I am no longer exhausted all the time, even though I get the same amount of sleep.

'I sleep better, I think better, my blood pressure is down. I'm able to cope with the little stresses that crop up every day with a great deal more calmness and equanimity than I did before.

'Twenty minutes of meditation goes so quickly that I often wish I had more time to continue meditating.

'So then looking back over this paragraph, I guess TM has changed my life in subtle and not so subtle positive ways. It's not really a hokey thing to say, even though it might sound like it: ''What a great gift.''

'I am convinced that my colleagues who have not had the opportunity yet to partake in this, are missing a tremendous experience. I try not to ''proselytize'', but sometimes that is difficult. I hope our company knows what a gift it has given us. I'm so happy I decided to suspend my disbelief.'

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