23 January 2009

Global Good News

GlobalGoodNews.com going Global

Due to popular demand, GlobalGoodNews.com announces its new web sites opening this year in major languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Chinese, in addition to English, bringing Good News in the Mother Tongue of the most spoken languages of the world.

GlobalGoodNews.com has become the foremost good news provider on the world wide web, with 9,000 absolute unique visitors and over 25,000 visits to the site every month from over 150 countries. During 2008 there have been approximately 400,000 visitors to the site from 193 countries.

Coming in 2009:

Maharishi Video: Special video tapes of Maharishi’s Parliament of World Peace will soon be available for your personal viewing on GlobalGoodNews.com, through its secure Pay for Video System. Never before has supreme knowledge for the complete unfoldment of life in enlightenment and fulfilment been so fully available.

Introduction to Transcendental Meditation: Introductory Lectures on-line in all languages and a contact service for individuals around the world wishing to be directed to their nearest Maharishi Invincibility Centre to learn Transcendental Meditation.

Advertise on GlobalGoodNews.com: As GlobalGoodNews.com becomes more and more global, we welcome positive trend businesses from around the world to advertise their goods and services on GlobalGoodNews.com. GlobalGoodNews.com will integrate ads onto the popular Positive Trends and Success pages.

News in Pictures: Good News in Pictures is an upcoming feature of GlobalGoodNews.com.

GlobalGoodNews.com is a global meeting point for all that is positive and progressive and totally enriching to life. We invite professionals in every field of life to share positive trends in their area of expertise on GlobalGoodNews.com's Positive Trends Forum coming soon.

Shop now at our new MusicMall, offering Total Knowledge and enlightening entertainment.

‘We have a golden vision to see only right things, because we know the power of good is greater than any other power, and we see the power of good rising in the world’.—Maharishi

GlobalGoodNews.com welcomes your inspiration.

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