01 January 2009

A Science and Technology that includes Human Consciousness

Some Implications for Humanity, Science, Technology and Philosophy

From the paper Towards a Quantitative Science and Technology that includes Human Consciousness by William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering.

For Humans: First and foremost, humans matter and make a substantial difference in the world. With their Qi/Prana pumps they can potentially alter the substratum nature of physical reality. Those who discipline their higher electromagnetism gauge symmetry system with focused intentions can significantly alter experiments in physical reality. Statistically, as a species, our effect size in this regard is small but definitely non-zero. It is up to us as individuals to believe this and to care enough to make the sustained effort to build both the bandwidth and spectral power of this Qi/Prana pump system via focused intention on our self-development. The three main practical steps for this are, (1) regular practice with some meditation technique followed by (2) regular practice with some QiGong exercise technique and (3) put the results of both of these to work in one’s daily life.

We have recently developed a technique for monitoring an individual’s or a group’s ability to raise the electromagnetism gauge symmetry state of the space that they occupy, relative to the U(1) state. In a few years, useful biofeedback devices should be available to display the real-time magnitude of this quality. Then, self-directed evolution of our species should accelerate. Dedicated people in the distant past have created sacred spaces whose field quality can still be felt today. Now we are in a position to achieve such a goal more quickly. In fact, we are in the position to change the entire earth from a U(1) electromagnetism gauge symmetry state to an SU(2) electromagnetism gauge symmetry state, and eventually even beyond that state, via the fruits of our consciousness.

For Science: A new door has been opened in physical reality with this experimental work. Magnetic monopoles and the physical vacuum have become more accessible for exploration. The effects of human consciousness, via intention imprinted electrical devices (IIEDs) or other techniques, on the various chemical or radiation processes presently known to materials science can begin to be explored. Many 28 behavioral qualities of materials, heretofore thought to be an exclusive property of a quantum mechanical description of nature, can begin to be explored as a simple, classical expansion of our basic reference frame for viewing nature. Almost all properties of materials have heretofore been shown to depend exclusively on electromagnetism via Maxwell’s four beautiful equations and this field has been ploughed extensively for the past century. Now, we see a way to expand that picture, to incorporate the dynamics of the magnetic monopole and lift the whole electric/magnetic interactions processes to an entirely new level. On such a path, we will learn to understand and harness magnetoelectric energy as a new communications vehicle and to step confidently across the boundary separating slower than electromagnetism light processes (v = c) from faster than electromagnetism light processes. We will also learn to understand and harness information entanglement processes for the benefit of humanity. Most importantly, we will learn more about the fundamental nature of consciousness, how it connects to various energies and how it should be expressed in our equations, both classical and quantum mechanical, to enhance their predictive power as we bootstrap our way towards a more realistic theory of everything (T.O.E.) The door has been opened, I invite the scientists of this readership to walk through!

For Technology: From what we have learned thus far, the intention imprinted electrical device (IIED) technique appears to have application to enhance the performance of every technology on the earth today and to create new ones. The essential steps are, (1) condition the space that houses key technological equipment to ~the SU(2) level, (2) tune the space via specific intentions to realistic performance enhancement goals, (3) continuously monitor the degree of elevation of the electromagnetism gauge symmetry state above the U(1) state and (4) develop the human team so that their collective “experimenter” effect pumps the space “up” rather than drains it “down”. Not only various utilities, manufacturing and transportation applications but medical, professional, educational, correctional, etc., facilities should benefit from these techniques. Three obvious limitations to all of this will be, (1) the willingness of employees to 29 become sufficiently inner self-managed to be “pumper uppers” rather than “drainer downers”, (2) the willingness of the “unseen universe” to cooperate in the creation of the particular IIED needed for the specific application and (3) our ability to further shield against natural imprint leakage processes in the basic IIED technology.

To Philosophy: From this work, at least the following items have serious implications for philosophy:
(1) Directed human consciousness, via intentions, can, under some circumstances, robustly and reproducibly have a significant effect upon welldesigned target experiments in physical reality,
(2) Continued use of IIEDs in a specific space can raise the electromagnetism gauge symmetry of that space to an appreciably higher level than our normal U(1) state,
(3) A form of intelligence can be housed in a simple electronic device via the IIED creation process,
(4) Directed human consciousness can decrease entropy production so as to create a higher thermodynamic free energy per unit volume state in a space hundreds to thousands of cubic feet in volume,
(5) Humans, and perhaps all vertebrates, have their acupuncture meridian/chakra system at a higher electromagnetism gauge symmetry state than our normal (U)1 gauge state, and thus drive most physical body processes,
(6) A biconformal base-space reference frame of the type proposed here has many advantages over a single, four dimensional, spacetime reference frame for viewing the many expressions of nature and
(7) With (6) imbedded in a still higher dimensional reference frame, it appears to be possible to violate strict relativity statements that hold for a single four dimensional reference frame.


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