02 February 2009

A Formula for Peace

A Message to the Responsible Leaders of Every Nation
  • There is a formula for peace.
  • There is a formula to prevent violence.
  • There is a formula, tried and tested, for creating harmony in society.
  • There is a formula for the safety and security of every mother and child.
  • There is a formula for growing up healthy and at every age becoming healthier.
  • There is a formula for the invincibility of every nation.
  • There is a formula for prosperity and the creativity to find solutions that make life better for everyone.
The formula is simple: Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme.

Its effectiveness has been proven through more than 600 scientific research studies conducted in over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries, published in more than 100 leading scientific journals.

In a scientific age with economic, political, and social challenges, this is the scientific technology of consciousness that works for everyone. Repeatedly verifiable, true for all times and all places, for any age and walk of life irrespective of cultural traditions or religions, rich or poor, young or old, this is a simple, natural technique that brings peace of mind and coherent thinking, and optimizes brain functioning.

The quality of consciousness of the individual determines the quality of every thought and action, and the quality of the collective consciousness of a nation determines whether a nation is successful.

Without a systematic and scientific approach to the development of consciousness, no government will be able to fully resolve its problems — whether they are economic, social, political, or relating to education or health care — because every problem has its basis in the lack of development of the full creative potential of the individual.

Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme provides that systematic approach which is vitally needed everywhere.

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