16 February 2009

Consciousness-Based Education

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Maharishi envisions that education for all children in this generation and in the forthcoming generations will be full of the greatest wisdom—the knowledge of total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe.

The enormous knowledge and capability available in Vedic Education

In his introductory remarks to the Global Press Conference on 8 September 2004, Maharishi said that Raja John Hagelin's 'simple word of greatest wisdom in the introduction should be enough for anyone with the slightest intelligence to live life beyond problems and above the reach of suffering'.

Maharishi said that Raja Hagelin, the President of the Peace Government in the USA, has expressed the knowledge of the Unified Field with utter simplicity and infinite depth of wisdom.

The Unified Field is a recent discovery for the world of science, but it is eternal for those familiar with the Vedic knowledge of total Natural Law—it is only a matter of education.

'Today in very simple words, Raja Hagelin said that the human body is the home of the Veda—the home of total Natural Law, the home of the Constitution of the Universe.' Maharishi said. 'Raja Hagelin said everyone has the right—the birthright—to live that inner reality of infinity of knowledge and infinity of all possible action. The administrative efficiency of the Constitution of the Universe is there within the body of everyone.

'We have a technique to light the lamp, and therefore we have opened our shop in the open market. So many things are being sold in the market. Now we say, "Be yourself, and you will rule the world." Here is an invitation from the field of knowledge. Here is an invitation from. . . total Natural Law, the total intelligence of the ever-expanding universe, for everyone to live life on that level.'

Maharishi said that 'Quietly, from its own self-referral nature, Total Natural Law, the Unified Field, creates everything, sets everything in the evolutionary direction, and takes everything to the supreme level of evolution, which is the light of God, the field of all possibilities. This is how we envision life for all our children in this generation and in the forthcoming generations. . . . The task is very simple,' Maharishi said.

He then used the analogy of darkness and electricity. There was a time when the darkness of night was everywhere. Someone came out with the knowledge of electricity and powerhouses were built everywhere. Now the night is no longer lived in darkness.

'The situation with everyone's life is like that,' Maharishi continued. 'As the inner potential of Creative Intelligence is enlivened within man, he naturally comes to live in an evolutionary direction.

'It is a matter of who gets what in life. The life of children depends on what parents are able to give to their children, and on what school teachers are able to give to their students. Either they are satisfied with suffering, or they avert the suffering before they have to face it. We are opening schools and colleges everywhere. . . .

'We see that we have so many countries, and each country has so much land here and there. I ask each government to allocate a few hectares or a few acres of land. We will open our schools, and the children will awaken their full Creative Intelligence—total Natural Law. We want to give the children total knowledge of Natural Law.'

Maharishi said that it is possible to do so because the Unified Field has been discovered by the different disciplines of modern science, and the Atma [the Self] has been discovered within man.

'Through Vedic Education one has an enormous capability to gain knowledge and to perform any action one likes. In Vedic Education, we can give Total Knowledge in one word. And we can keep on elaborating that one word day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. The concentrated value of Total Knowledge and infinite creativity are in one word. Then we can elaborate on that word with any length of expansion. This is the central point of the Vedic Universities that we are going to establish everywhere—Total Knowledge in one word. . . .

'This is the speciality of Vedic wisdom—Total Knowledge in one word, and then the one word expanding all the time. This system is not like the system where you take chemistry, physics, or a little biology. There you take some little thing, and then go deeper and deeper into it until you are lost in the small values of knowledge.'

Maharishi went on to explain that Veda means knowledge. Vedic Education means education of Total Knowledge. He said that in comparison to this, the present system of knowledge is a system of gaining ignorance. As you know one thing, you become more aware of a greater knowledge of the unknown. The more you study in a subject, the more you know that whatever you have known is very little. 'There is always more to know. This means the present, modern system of education, with all its glory, increases ignorance more than knowledge,' Maharishi said.

In contrast to this, Vedic Education delivers Total Knowledge first and then elaborates the knowledge more and more. What is happening in this system? Knowledge is increasing. First, Total Knowledge is there in its point value, and then it increases to its surroundings.

Maharishi concluded, 'The Vedic system of education gives knowledge day by day, and takes away ignorance more and more, day by day.'

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