15 February 2009

TM -- used a lot in Nebraska by all kinds of people to relieve stress!

February 13, 9:36 PM
by Patricia Ress, Omaha Paranormal Examiner

"Transcendental Meditation is a very simple technique that provides a deep state of rest which is twice as deep as the deepest point we reach in sleep," explained Irmhild Bettenworth who operates Omaha's Center for TM."Because of it, we eliminate stresses that have accummulated since birth, which sleep has been unable to dissolve. It provides deep rest which gives you the energy to do more things!"

A native of Germany, Bettenworth learned TM back in 1972 and has been teaching it in Omaha for over 20 years. She said that the founder of TM,Maharishi Mahish Yogi, also is working to restore the use of Ayurveda, the original holistic medical system and the world's oldest health science. "We create our own health or disease," she pointed out."We believe that the same mind that can create disease can also create health again. The mind controls the body."

"This can lead to higher states of consciousness, increases in longevity, better health and greater happiness," she said."Veda means science and ayu refers to life in sanskrit. Its emphasis is on prevention of illness rather than cure after the fact," she stressed."Illness is a violation of the laws of nature. Wherever you leave nature alone, it functions perfectly. We create disease when we get out of the flow with the cosmic vibrations of nature. Ayurveda restores the individual back into harmony with the cosmos. He can then claim his birthright of perfect health, bliss consciousness, and mastery over natural laws."

While all of us have made mistakes, Bettenworth believes that TM 'can establish one in the home of all the laws of nature, thus making it impossible for you to make further mistakes.' And she has seen it used successfully in business. Not only is their more creativity and effort, but more harmony among employees. She reminds everyone the Ayurveda comes from a much higher state of consciousness and was given to the Rishis or sages of ancient times. She suggests that everyone give it a try!


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