19 February 2009

World Peace

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's plan to create world peace from the centre of India featured on new DVD

by Global Good News staff writer

Global Good News

17 February 2009

A new DVD produced by the Global Country of World Peace outlines the plan of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to create one very large group in the world that would have sufficient influence to forever change the trends of time globally towards peace and prosperity.

To this end Maharishi created the Capital of World Peace in the heart of India, in what is called the Brahma-Sthan, the centre of the country where Natural Law is most lively.

Vedic Pandits have been gathered there to perform not only Yogic Flying in groups, but also advanced Vedic Technologies of Yagya, which enliven the nourishing quality of Natural Law throughout society and create an influence of coherence and peace—invincibility—for every country in the world.

The project is well underway, as the new DVD shows in beautiful videos, photos, and renderings of the Pandits' campus in India and their Vedic performances, but more needs to be done to quickly bring fulfilment to Maharishi's great gift of permanent peace to the world. The DVD includes addresses by Maharishi, eminent scientists, and others involved in this laudable project.

In the DVD packet is a brochure that presents Maharishi's formula for world peace. The brochure also provides verification of the effectiveness of this formula, referring to many scientific research studies showing development of the total potential of the individual and creation of coherence and peace for society.

The Minister of Communication for the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Peter Swan, commented that there are many people who would like to have world peace and are looking for a way they can do good and really make a difference in the world. 'Now is the time,' he said, 'to give them the opportunity to fulfil their destiny to change the trends of time towards positivity—by informing them of this wonderful project or by giving them this beautiful and inspiring DVD to watch.'

For more information about the Capital of World Peace project or how to contribute to its support, please visit: www.capitalofworldpeace.org.

To receive a free copy of the DVD, please email: invincibleindia@maharishi.net or contact the National Director of the Global Country of World Peace (offering Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme) in your country.

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