25 March 2009

David Lynch Foundation Television launched!

David Lynch is having a Web TV party! Paul and Ringo are invited!

by Missy Schwartz

Davidlynch_l Today, David Lynch launched David Lynch Foundation Television (www.dlf.tv), a new online venture that he calls a "celebration of consciousness, creativity and bliss." As you probably know, in addition to being one of the most envelope-pushingly creative filmmakers working today -- I still get freaked out thinking about Bob from Twin Peaks -- Lynch is a devotee of Transcendental Meditation with 35 years experience. His foundation is dedicated to teaching at-risk youngsters to meditate as a way of coping with stress. Now, he's got this new site dedicated to all things Transcendental Meditation -- or just TM for those in the know -- and it's chock-full of videos, docs, and other odds and ends that Lynch fans will gobble up.

Among the video offerings, there's "Daily David," where you can see the Blue Velvet director pontificate on such topics as silence, how to make a good movie (he talks a lot about props), and "cleaning the machine," i.e. meditating. Under the awesomely named "David Doing Stuff" channel, there's a video of Lynch jamming with Moby. (Personally, I prefer these rando fly-on-the-wall vids, even if my "high-speed connection" here at work reduces them to a sputtering, jittery mess.)

Aaaaaand, on April 4, dlf.tv will also host its very first webcast, a concert at New York City's Radio City Music Hall headlined by Paul McCartney and featuring Ringo Starr (two Beatles under one roof!), Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow, and Lynch’s jamming buddy, Moby. You still have to mosey on over to davidlynch.com to watch the guy's daily weather reports for the L.A. area or buy his coffee (all organic all the time!), but tell me PWAAFL -- that's PopWatchers Who Are Also Fans of David Lynch -- are you into the idea of dlf.tv? Could it be your ticket to consciousness, creativity and bliss?


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