08 March 2009

Maharishi kids to be involved in McCartney concert

Kids from the Maharishi School will have their pictures flashed on screen at a Paul McCartney concert in New York.

Legendary filmmaker David Lynch, who directed dark classics such as The Elephant Man, has asked the school for images to use at the star studded fund raiser on April 4.

The film-maker's foundation, which promotes the use of transcendental meditiation in schools, is hoping to raise funds to teach a million children the method of relaxation with the show.

Maharishi School Bursar Phil Mitchell was delighted at the school's involvement.

“The fact that David Lynch has asked for photos from the school shows that he is aware of us and hopefully he'll tell Sir Paul about us,” he said.

“I'd like to think so. Sir Paul is from Liverpool and we're close to Liverpool so it would be nice if he could come and play around here! “It would be great to have a concert in England.”

Phil said the school's involvement in the international event was proof of their growing reputation.

“It'll be great to know that consciousness based education is being promoted in this way and we're being recognised as a valuable provider of it. We are one of the pioneers.”

The concert, which also features Sheryl Crow and Irish folk singer Donovan, will take place at Radio City Music Hall.


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