26 March 2009

Stern credits TM with achieving his goals

Howard Stern and Transcendental Meditation

howardstern051205_1_400.jpgRaunchy radio star Howard Stern has -- believe it or not -- copped to being a student of Transcendental Meditation for years. That doesn't explain why he feels the need to run a mini-radio empire based on people who make bad decisions in life. Still, every morning -- at 4 am -- and night he clears his head and meditates. Stern credits the practice with helping him quit smoking and achieve his goals in radio. He also announced on his Sirius show last week that he will appear at Hollywood director David Lynch's "Change Begins Within" concert at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday, April 4. Also appearing are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eddie Vedder, Donovan, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Moby, Bettye Lavette, Paul Horn and Jim James.

The event's goals are to "raise funds to teach one million at-risk children to meditate -- giving them life-long tools to overcome stress and violence and promote peace and success in their lives." The David Lynch Foundation advocates meditation -- the TM Quiet Time program -- in schools as a means to increase academic performance and attention span. To that end the foundation provides scholarships for students in grades 6-12. From Associated Content:

David Lynch and other proponents of TM suggest that students who spend 15-20 meditating each morning experience better concentration in school, better academic performance and lower incidences of depression and anxiety.

Despite Howard Stern's repeated self-proclamations that he is the "King of All Media," he rarely makes live appearances in public outside of his radio show. Stern stated that he originally considered declining Lynch's offer to appear because of his discomfort about appearing in public, but changed his mind because he believes in the cause so strongly. He also stated that Transcendental Meditation helped to reduce his mother's symptoms of depression.

Learn more about the concert at DLF.tv. Information on transcendental meditation scholarships can be found here.


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