21 April 2009

Cleaning The Machine

David Lynch talks about how you can clean the machine and rid your body of stress.


Sharon Cobb comments on her blog:

It seemed appropriate that at a time when I am so stressed out that I should post a video on getting unstressed from David Lynch.

Lynch has been studying transcendental meditation for 35 years. I don't think I've quieted my mind for 35 minutes. But I want to learn how, so I keep going back to Lynch to hear what he has to say.

Mind you, Lynch is not a Guru, but what he is doing with his "Change Begins Within" program is pure altruism, which makes it pure. With no alternative motives, David (yeah--I'm one a first name basis with him now--just as he would be with you)is trying to have meditation in schools all around America and other countries.

When David heard how stressed out children are, he became motivated to do something, and he did. He, and the David Lynch Foundation have already given out 70 thousand scholarships to schools and teachers.

Now, if I were only face to face with him so he could teach me to meditate and reach that state of bliss, and then explain Mulholland Drive to me, I'd be in true nirvana.

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