04 April 2009

Transcendental Meditation in Schools, Consciousness Based Education

The Maharishi School is a wonderful place to be.

A dynamic learning environment combined with a harmonious atmosphere created by the twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, creates a school where life is celebrated.

Creativity and intelligence are systematically developed. Integrated into the start and end of the school day is a period of Transcendental Meditation. The experience of inner silence during Transcendental Meditation brings balance to the whole physiology which is the basis of sound physical and mental health.

The successes of Consciousness-based Education are seen in many different ways.

For decades scientific research has documented the improvement in the quality of life when Transcendental Meditation is practised twice daily.

However, as a parent the most compelling evidence is the growth in happiness and intelligence of our children.

A tour of the Maharishi School shows just how fulfilling education can be when a traditional curriculum is enhanced by the systematic unfoldment of the pupils creativity and intelligence enabling greater enjoyment and success in learning.

By recognising that home is the basis of children's education, staff at the Maharishi School try to maintain the same nurturing and caring atmosphere that parent's provide at home.

In this way children grow strong by developing the basis of their life, the experience of their own Self; not from being exposed to negativity.


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