04 November 2009

Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems

aharishi Light Therapy with Gems (MLG) is a profound and effective new health treatment that combines ancient traditional knowledge of gemstones with modern state-of-the-art technology. Offered as a treatment modality of Maharishi Ayur-Veda* for many years in Europe, the program has already brought health benefits, greater energy, and improved mind-body integration to people all over the world.

How It Works

Light therapy is in widespread use at hospitals and clinics as an accepted treatment for many mood and sleep disorders, including depression and seasonal affective disorder, and for specific skin diseases. But unlike standard light therapy, Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems works at a much more profound level of the mind-body interface.
According to the time-honored wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, the unique crystalline molecular structure, characteristic color, and emitted light of each precious gemstone produce specific healing effects. When specially tuned light shines through these gems, it further enlivens and enhances those healing influences.

During Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems the gem-specific, fine-tuned light passes through a particular gemstone onto the body. The energy of the light, which carries the healing and balancing effects of the gemstone, is then gently transmitted through the skin to the underlying nerve centers. This process enlivens specific qualities of intelligence at the junction points between consciousness and the physiology, thereby restoring balance and health to the individual. The treatments are non-invasive, deeply relaxing and enjoyable, and can produce blissful, transcendental experiences. (See testimonials below.)


“My experience during Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems was golden, one of deep transcending and a feeling of physical calm, not just mental but physical silence during the treatment. This was followed by a sense of alignment in the mind and body as if my mind was somehow more connected to the body. There seemed to be integration between mind and body on a level I have never felt before, as if an alignment had taken place through my whole nervous system into the deepest levels of mind and emotions. As a result my cravings for sweets, TV, etc and other things have been greatly reduced. There remains a sense of inner stability that has lasted for the last 3 weeks since my treatment. For these benefits I just want to thank you very much for MLG.”—Jim Cahaney, Detroit
“I’ve really enjoyed the after effects of the gem therapy. Feel like I've been revved up to a higher energy level with good general effects and more subtle meditation.”—Tom Karson, Detroit
“This therapy was life-changing for me. I feel it awakened an inner core of healing strength that continues to nourish my whole system.”—Denise Waggoner, Iowa
“After undergoing several treatments, I have enjoyed light and restful sleep, a peaceful mind and body, and have gently become more aware of the bodily systems. I’ve experienced deep silence and a new perception of nature. Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems is truly a unique program.”—Kara Kuzel, Ann Arbor
“With Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems I experience my cells and organs feeling as though they are becoming more and more permeated with light. This light becomes so pervasive that it feels as if I am radiating that light into my environment. After several sessions I began to notice that my physical body no longer has the same concrete parameters. I feel that I am becoming more and more melted into wholeness. Also I notice a real refinement of my perception: an injury caused me to lose my sense of smell, which is now back for the first time in ten years. I am amazed by the effectiveness this program.”—Michael Zapata, Tempe Arizona
* Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, a new modality of Maharishi Ayur-Veda, was developed over the past 30 years by Prof. Joachim Roller under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program. Working with leading Ayurvedic physicians and scholars of India, Maharishi has restored Ayurveda to its full effectiveness, in complete accord with the classical texts, resulting in Maharishi Ayur-Veda, a modern, scientific approach to health care.
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Unknown said...

I’m very happy to read about light therapy that helps us. It really works for some forms of seasonal affective disorder — and it’s great that you only need 15 minutes every day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems is available to everyone, even non-meditators. There are touring therapists but it's available in USA at The Raj Spa:
& also in many other countries, check with your national TM admin where it's available in your country.
One needs to be a TM teacher to become a technician to give the treatment but not to receive it. :)

Vinyasi said...

MLG is also available in southern california at: www.socalgemlight.com.

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