14 April 2013

African Refugee PTSD Relief Through Meditation

The David Lynch Foundation offered Transcendental Meditation to African refugees in November 2011 to help relieve their post-traumatic stress.

"The soldiers took me and my brother with them. They dragged us away in the bush and gang raped me in front of my brother."

"It was around 7:00pm soldiers came to my house. They started to rape me. Meanwhile in the living room, they had already killed my husband. Since we came here, we've been suffering."

Bill Duke (Actor/Director, African PTSD Relief Ambassador): Even after escaping immediate danger, many continue to suffer the consequences of these horrors through post-traumatic stress disorder.

Norman Rosenthal, MD (Psychiatrist and Author): Post-traumatic stress disorder is a cluster of symptoms that occurs in a person who has been exposed to very major trauma, which may include withdrawal from other people or flashbacks, devastating recollections of the trauma itself. In their minds they're often stuck at the time of the trauma.

Monte Harris, MD (Surgeon): Transcendental Meditation is a technique you perform with your eyes closed, it's mantra-based, where there's a sound that's in your mind, that allows you to go deep inside yourself to a place where there's quiet. It's something that gives you a sense of restful alertness. And with that restful alertness there becomes a sense of rejuvenation.

Fred Travis, PhD (Brain Researcher, Co-Author, African PTSD Research Study): In our research with refugees in Uganda what we found is after 30 days the individuals in the TM group went from severe post-traumatic stress symptoms to a-symptomatic... they were free of post-traumatic stress.

"When you start meditating it's like, somehow, something is going off you. Your mind and your body relaxes. You are just in your peaceful world."

"Before, I could not even imagine myself being capable of taking care of my children, of raising them. I used to think I should die and leave them behind. That is why I am so happy about TM. It has saved me."

To contribute to the African Refugee PTSD Relief Campaign:http://bit.ly/Donate2AfricanPTSDRelief

For more information on the African Refugee PTSD Relief Campaign: http://davidlynchfoundation.org/africa

For information on how to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique please visit http://www.tm.org
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